Will&Able | It Does The Job and Creates a Job

At Aon, we believe that businesses thrive when the communities they serve and the people they employ also flourish. When it comes to our partnership with Will&Able, this couldn’t be more true.

When we first came across the story of Will&Able, we were inspired. Will&Able is the first social enterprise of its kind in New Zealand – employing Kiwis with disabilities and providing eco-friendly cleaning products using 100 per cent recycled milk bottles. Will&Able is another community we are proud to be part of.

Watch | Will&Able recently launched their new TV campaign “Does The Job and Creates A Job” which shares the Will&Able story. As partners, we have been right behind Will&Able for several years and we are delighted that we are able to support them to launch this new campaign.



Help us close the loop | Drop your Will&Able empties to your local Aon branch

Our Aon branch network provides the opportunity for everyone to get involved with the Will&Able initiative, and our recycling initiative has helped Will&Able close their sustainability loop.

When you drop off your empty Will&Able product containers to your local Aon branch, we then arrange to get them back to Will&Able, to be cleaned and refilled, ready to be used again. You can find your local Aon branch here


Special offer for Will&Able products

Use the promo code ‘Aon’ for 30 per cent off products if you order directly from the Will&Able.  This discount is only available via purchases direct from the website. Will&Able products are also available in supermarkets nationwide.

Will&Able + Aon

At Aon, we are proud to support New Zealand through the insurance services we provide but equally proud of our efforts in giving back to the local community. We believe we have a responsibility to act and make a positive difference with organisations like Will&Able.

We are a big company that thinks small, and we are committed to contributing to the future of the community that we are all a part of.


More about Will&Able

Will&Able provides employees with a job to work at, a community to belong to, a purpose to strive for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and a way to develop more independence and financial freedom.

Long-term, Will&Able would like to establish a business that is owned and operated by people with disabilities and not limited by any constraints, with the goal of employing as many people with disabilities as possible - not only in Auckland but in the rest of New Zealand as well.

Will&Able provide environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products while ensuring positive job creation for people with disabilities. When you purchase Will&Able products, you can be sure that your money is going towards a cause that focuses on ecological sustainability, social impact and ethics.


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