M&A demands skilled and dedicated advisors who can identify risks and opportunities. Aon’s M&A capabilities are designed to run in parallel with the deal cycle, provide information and add value at each stage of the transaction process.

We help you sign and complete the deal, minimise and transfer deal risks, and achieve your cost and revenue goals.

Maximised performance. Improved decision-making.

As a leader in risk and people advice, Aon’s M&A and Transaction team examines small details of the deal to identify large opportunities, uncover obstacles and ensure that investments are protected. We facilitate the successful completion of your deal and conduct comprehensive risk reviews to devise innovative solutions to transfer or eliminate transactional risks, including environmental risks.

Local expertise. Global reach.

New Zealand’s M&A and Transaction Solutions Executive Director leads an international team with an unrivalled depth of ability to provide support for mergers, acquisitions and other corporate change events.

Globally, Aon has a dedicated team of more than 200 specialists in 23 key financial centres, plus access to many more consultants across the world.

Our key M&A and Transaction solutions include:

  • Transaction Liability Insurance
    We provide bespoke insurance solutions designed to facilitate and support M&A transactions including Warranty & Indemnity Insurance, Tax Liability Insurance, Litigation Insurance, Contingent Liability Insurance and Public Offering of Securities/IPO Insurance.

  • Insurance Due Diligence Services
    Specialised insurance due diligence is a vital component in any effective M&A due diligence process. It can identify potential future risks and analyse the effectiveness of existing insurance solutions, allowing potential liabilities to be identified, quantified and if necessary, transferred.

  • Environmental Liability Insurance
    Specialist insurance products and risk advisory services designed to help buyers and sellers manage environmental risks in M&A transactions.

  • Human Resource M&A and Transaction Solutions
    Helping you understand and manage the costs and risks of your workforce and its leadership, which facilitates a successful deal completion and ongoing business improvement.

For all M&A enquiries, please contact Aon’s M&A and Transaction Solutions Executive Director Matthew Chandler-Wall by email matthew.chandler-wall@aon.com  or phone +64 9 362 9029.

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