Liability Insurance

Regardless of a company’s size, it can become liable at any time to pay compensation for damage arising from a claim made by a third party or negligence or omission from a staff member. Keeping a constant understanding on your liability risks in a constantly changing environment is a difficult and demanding task, and one in which you can count on Aon’s know-how. Our liability specialists are here to help you assess and manage risks of this kind.

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Public Liability

Accidents happen, that’s why Aon’s Public Liability policy covers your legal liability to pay damages to third parties who may have suffered property damage or personal injury as a result of your activities.

Statutory Liability

Aon’s Statutory Liability cover pays for the legal defence should you be prosecuted for an unintentional breach of almost any New Zealand Act of Parliament. If convicted, it will also pay your fines, except in respect of the Health & Safety and Employment Act, where indemnification is prohibited by law. However, cover for defence costs are included.

Employers Liability

Employers Liability provides cover for claims made by employees against employers arising from personal injury. This covers events that fall outside of the Accident Compensation and Rehabilitation act.

Employment Disputes Liability

This policy covers you for damages and costs that may arise out of certain employment related disputes such as wrongful termination, harrassment and discrimination, and will cover you for any subsequent defence costs.

Trustees Liability

Sitting on a board of trustees means you have accepted duties under both statute and common law. A trustee can be held personally liable not just for their mistakes, but also for the failings of other trustees and people on whom you have relied. Aon's policy covers trustees for their personal liability arising from a breach of their fiduciary duties and reimburses the trust when it has provided an indemnity to the trustees.

Professional Indemnity

NPO's often provide services and advice to members, beneficiaries or the general public. If these activities were to result in any third party suffering a financial loss, Aon's professional indemnity policy can pay for legal defence costs and any potential damages arising.

Internet Liability

This particular policy provides cover for breach of intellectual property, passing off, Privacy Act, Misuse of Information and Transmission of any Computer Virus.


Fidelity cover will protect you against fraud and theft of money, securities etc. by any dishonest employees or third parties

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